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Pergolas Cairns Specialists - Expert Deck Builders

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At Pergolas Cairns Specialists, we supply and install beautiful functional pergolas, decks and pavers in Cairns. We also manufacture all our own products locally, including the finest hand-crafted aluminium fencing and gates.
We are specialists at building high-quality timber pergolas that will stand the test of time when it comes to creating your dream backyard living space. We use only premium grade treated pine timbers which are ideal for use around pools as they can resist rot from moisture such as rainwater lapping against them. All our work is done by skilled tradesmen who have many years’ experience in making Pergolas.


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    A pergola versus a gazebo

    The difference between a pergola and a gazebo is that a pergola typically has posts on each corner of the structure, whereas the posts can be placed anywhere in a gazebo.
    Pergolas also have one beam at the base and only two at the top (whereas there are four beams in a gazebo). They usually do not have roofs but often include cross beams and wall attachments. Gazebos tend to be more enclosed with walls and ceilings; but offer similar features such as shade sails etc.. Both structures provide you with more space for entertaining, relaxing or storage!

    Decking in Cairns

    Decking is a great addition to any home, offering beauty and functionality. Whether you’re looking for an affordable decking option or a more elaborate one with stunning designs and finishes, we will work with your budget to create something truly unique for your backyard oasis.
    Quality materials matter when it comes to deck maintenance. Our expert team understands this and only uses premium grade treated pine timbers which are ideal for use around pools as they can resist rot from moisture such as rainwater lapping against them.

    What is a pergola, and what are its benefits?

    A pergola is an outdoor structure that is built over a deck or patio and is typically used to provide shade and an entry point into the garden. They can be designed with conventional posts and beams, but we believe that they’re far more effective when made from timber framing.
    Pergolas are mostly used for creating shaded passageways into the backyard or to provide an outdoor kitchen with shelter. A pergola creates a pleasant ambience in the garden and can be used for hosting family barbecues, dinners and cocktail parties in the outdoors.

    How much does a pergola cost to build and install in Cairns?

    The cost of building a pergola is dependent on the size, height and design of your pergola. We highly recommend you speak with one of our designers regarding your pergola design ideas, as they are the most experienced in the Cairns area for outdoor projects.
    You can expect a medium-size pergola with 3-4 beams and two sides with panels made from Hardwood Red Cedar to cost between $6,000-8,000 installed by expert builders.
    If you would like to receive a specific quote based on your requirements or for more information, please give us a call today.

    How to choose the right pergola for your needs

    When deciding on the pergola that you wish to install, you need to ask yourself and the company a number of questions. You should consider:
    1) The size of your yard; this will determine how big or small your pergola will be.
    2) The style of pergola you want, for example, do you want an exposed beam look? Or perhaps something more simple? There is plenty to choose from when it comes to different styles.
    3) Will the pergola is used commercially, such as in a restaurant or cafe? If so, what materials can be used that won’t corrode with constant exposure to water and harsh chemicals?

    pergola construction and decking installation services
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    beautiful functional pergola from Pergolas Cairns Specialists
    pergola construction and decking installation
    beautiful but also functional pergola

    Pergola Designs

    There are many different designs for pergolas available out there. However, if you are looking for a particular one – our professional designers will be happy to help! There is no design too big or too small for Pergolas Cairns Specialists.
    All of the designs we offer come with free quotes and can either be built from scratch or by adding on additional features (such as arbours, roofing etc.). Our customers love the ability to customise their outdoor structures based on their preferences!

    beautiful and functional pergola for your home

    How to take care of your pergola

    Cleaning and maintaining a pergola is relatively straightforward. A wire brush or broom should be used to remove any dead leaves, spider webs and dirt. Ensure that the timber is not exposed to contact with chemicals such as petrol, solvents or paint strippers. Also, ensure that no dirt or other build-up collects in the screw holes which may damage the metal over time.
    If you are looking for an experienced pergola installation company please call us. We have many years of experience installing high-quality aluminium and hard wooden pergolas wide range of structures to suit your budget and requirements!

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    What materials are used to build a pergola in Cairns?

    Pergolas are built using different types of materials, the most common one is Red Cedar, which is the best choice if you are looking for a natural material to build your pergola with.
    Another popular type of material used in building pergolas is Hardwood Ironbark (which does not require any special treatment like paint or varnish).
    The last option, but still very popular, is using aluminium – this particular option gives you the chance to choose different colours for your pergola beams and panels, as well as customise it further by adding additional features (lights etc.).
    Pergolas Cairns specialises in building outdoor structures like pergolas, decks and verandahs. We offer free consultations and design ideas from our experienced workers in our service.


    Can you add a roof to my pergola design?

    The answer is yes – we can! In fact, most of our customers choose to have a roof added because it makes the structure that much more durable and adaptable for all kinds of weather. This is especially ideal if your pergola is going to be used as a shading area for outdoor dining or lounging.

    Are Pergolas Cairns Specialists able to build custom designs?

    Generally speaking, we don’t do “custom” builds – however, if you have something in mind that isn’t listed on our website – please get in touch with us, and we can work together to create something unique!

    Is it expensive to build a pergola?

    The price of a pergola varies greatly depending on the size and the materials used, but as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay anywhere between $3-$8/sqft.

    What type of roofing do you offer?

    Our standard roof is either shingle or colourbond. We also offer corrugated metal roofs (which we suggest would only be used over an open plan shelter such as a gazebo or BBQ area).

    Do you offer a warranty?

    We offer a 1-year warranty on all workmanship and – provided the right type of timber is used. We’re familiar with our suppliers’ products, so we’ll always recommend the correct material for your project.

    What types of designs do you have?

    With our large range of pergola designs, we can supply pergolas in many different styles and shapes to suit any property or garden design.

    Which is the best material for building a pergola?

    Steel is the preferred choice for getting the most out of your investment. Steel pergolas are more affordable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. They do not require painting or staining, which keeps your costs down during the life of your pergola.

    Why Choose Pergolas Cairns Specialists?

    At Pergolas Cairns Specialists, we go the extra mile to provide our customers with a top-quality pergola at a competitive price. We have a wide range of premium, high-quality materials available for your pergola, including hardwood, aluminium and Polytec. Our superior product knowledge helps customers decide which material is best suited to their needs and budget.
    Our team has the experience and expertise to deliver pergolas that are structurally sound, weatherproof and built to last. Our installation process ensures that you have the best looking pergola on your street!
    If you are looking to transform your outdoor area by building a pergola, deck, patio or entrance, you need to look at our products and services.


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